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MB PA 60 Ti Purge

The MB-PA-60-Ti Purge Clean Jet is equipped with a single filter column. Gas flows through the filter that is controlled by means of electro-pneumatic valves and a blower unit. During standard operation gas is circulated from the glovebox over the main filter and an additional safety filter. After passing through the blower and a heat exchanger it is blown back into the box. The system therefore represents the classical function of a vacuum cleaner under inert gas conditions.


Special precautions have to be taken if the particle absorber is used with pyrophoric materials, (e.g. very fine dust of pure metals, in particular titanium or aluminum, which is generated during welding of these materials under inert gas conditions). Clogging of the main filter is observed by a differential pressure gauge. At a preset pressure, the filter is cleaned by pressure shock. The cleaning procedure is started on the touch panel of the connected gas purification. The dust from the main filter is collected in a particle container.


This particle container and the filter itself can be removed from the system. In this case cleaning of the filter column is controlled by a separate function that is available when the Clean Jet MB PA-60-Ti has been switched off. All filters and the particle container can be separated from the piping without exposing the filter or the piping to the ambient atmosphere. For this each container holding potentially reactive metal dust is equipped with two manual valves for closing the in and out tubing prior to disassembly.


For a safe removal of the dust and the filters the housing is submerged under water and one of the hand valves is opened so that the filter is filled with water. Under water the particles oxidize slowly without the danger of combustion. Please refer to the use manual for detailed information and safety precautions during the cleaning of the particle container.


The filter housings and the collecting vessel are manually evacuated and refilled with inert gas prior to the start of the vacuum cleaner.

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