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CDA Series

MBRAUN developed a series of gas purification systems specifically dedicated to the dehumidification of clean process air. Compared to other MBRAUN purifier models which remove oxygen too, the CDA units are entirely focused on moisture removal.


The main purpose is reaching and maintaining ultra-dry environments inside a glove box or a local dry room. Starting from laboratory scale (2-5 m3 volume) up to industrial scale environments (230 m3 and more), the CDA Series allows for reaching moisture levels at dew points below -76°C (-105° F).


In conjunction with the proprietary light-weight local dry room design, MBRAUN offers perfectly stable and reproducible process conditions. Applications include the research, development, and production of lithium-ion batteries, thin-film batteries, and OLED / PLED's.


Compared to other technologies which utilize a rotating absorber wheel which is constantly heated, MBRAUN's technology is based on a stationary absorber bed and a closed loop circulation which continuously passes the process gas over the catalyst to remove the moisture. This approach allows unmatched energy efficiency, significantly reduced footprint and therefore low investment and operating costs.


Advantages compared to standard dehumidifiers:

  • Very high H2O capacity

  • Very compact, space saving design

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Low operating costs

  • No requirement for regeneration gases

  • No influence of the regional climate changes

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