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MB UV 03 Cleaner Auto

The MB-UV-O3 Cleaner-Auto is the progression of MBRAUN's manually operated UV-cleaning tool. With extended features such as an electro-pneumatic lamp shutter and an integrated process gas management the clear purpose of this tool is being a core component for pre-treatment of optical surfaces in automatic assembly lines.


It has been developed in response to the industry's need for a reliable, high quality and fully automatic tool when the underlying manufacturing process rules out any kind of manual interaction.Based on the complexity of modern semiconductor process environments in which real-time data processing becomes more and more important the MB-UV-Cleaner auto is equipped with an advanced control unit and software interface in order to tie it into a supervisory process control system.


The heart of the equipment is a low-pressure quartz mercury vapor lamp separated from the process chamber with a shutter system. It has proven being highly effective for the removal of molecular organic contaminations and surface preparation via intense ultraviolet light emitted at wavelengths of 185 nm and 254 nm. As a result clean, hydrocarbon-free optical surfaces with significantly improved thin film and UV resin adhesion characteristics are achieved.


With its capability to be robot loaded from two directions the MB-UV-Cleaner auto can be either used in inline system configurations or can be mounted to peripheral positions of the assembly line. As a matter of course the process chamber is hermetically sealed and all components are resistant to intense UV-light and ozone making this unit nearly maintenance free.

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