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MB Plasma Cleaner

The MB-Plasma unit is an integrated low-pressure plasma platform with the main purpose to activate and clean semiconductor and optical surfaces from organic contaminants. It finds frequent use in the electronic and semiconductor industries as well as in scientific research fields including biology, chemistry, physics and materials science.


It has been developed in response to a need for high-end applications which require perfectly clean surfaces for subsequent coating steps. When other cleaning techniques reach its limits the MB-Plasma unit becomes the tool of choice. Most commonly cleaning with plasma becomes required when µm-thick coatings shall be deposited on rigid glass substrates or flexible plastic foils. Typical coating processes which ask for a plasma treatment are slit-coating, ink jetting and for sensitive materials sometimes even spin coating.


The core principle of the process is that the plasma components react with the organic impurities on the substrate by reducing them to water and carbon dioxide even at room temperature. Depending on the degree of impurity process times of a few minutes or just seconds produce excellent results and leave no residues on the surface. A major advantage is that low-pressure plasma can readily penetrate cracks.


Even intricately shaped parts can be easily cleaned or etched in with this system. Unlike other methods the MB-Plasma does not utilize any hazardous substances or components and does not generate harmful byproducts which make it an environmentally friendly and still highly professional tool which is available as standalone unit or as a system embedded tool.

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