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MB VacuPress

The MB-VacuPress is a manually operated vacuum lamination tool with a transparent vacuum chamber for evacuation. The system can process rigid substrate with a size of up to 150 x 150 mm and is designed for both stand alone and/or glove box integrated configurations.


Compared to the more sophisticated UV-Press system this unit allows for basic encapsulation tasks and is the ideal and economic system of choice for operators who want to take the first steps into encapsulation. In combination with MBRAUN's UV-Cure system a full seal of the device can be achieved.


The lamination (encapsulation) is an extremely critical, complicated and important step in the entire OLED process. It usually represents the final step before the OLEDs can be transferred out of the inert environment.


Only an effective encapsulation of the substrate can provide the essential protection of the active layers from harmful components like oxygen and moisture as well as mechanical stress. Therefore, the lamination process step is the prerequisite for a stable and durable OLED device. MBRAUN offers a full range of vacuum lamination products from manual up to fully automated solutions.

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