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MB UV Press

This particular design comes into consideration when a system is required that combines the accuracy and precision of an automatic process control with the economically favorable way of manual loading and unloading.


As the terminal step in the encapsulation of OLEDs the MB-UV-Press laminates substrate and cover glass under vacuum conditions creating a bubble-free end-sealing of the device. After placing the substrate to the lower quartz and the cover glass to the upper vacuum stage the subsequent process steps are completely automated.


Mechanical glass-2-glass alignment, evacuation to process pressure, pressing the glasses together, opening the shutter and curing the adhesive are part of the recipes which can be defined and saved in the PLC.


A range of different modular chucks are obtainable allowing laminating glasses with several shapes and sizes. In order to run the encapsulation process even at high-vacuum conditions a proprietary edge-gripping chuck is available. The integrated UV-source comes in two different configurations.


With the standard setup all commonly used UV-curing adhesives can be cured at moderate process times and heat load to the substrate. When quick curing and minimum heat load to the OLED become important the standard source can be upgraded to an advanced, high-intensity source with optimized reflector geometry, IR-filter and improved uniformity across the entire substrate.


Underrated from many who entirely focus in their research on creating an optimized organic material stack the lamination is an extremely critical, complicated and important step in the entire OLED process.


Usually it represents the final step before the OLEDs can be transferred out of the inert environment. Only an effective encapsulation of the substrate can provide the essential protection of the active layers from harmful components like oxygen and moisture as well as mechanical stress. Therefore, this process step is the prerequisite for a stable and durable OLED device.

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