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Local Dry Room

The intention of the local dry room can be divided into 3 categories – the first is to provide an enclosed volume for moisture sensitive processes which have to be sealed against ambient air conditions. Such kinds of enclosures are usually installed in common manufacturing and research environments which can be found throughout the industry.


The second category addresses the enhancement of existing dry rooms when dew point levels are required which cannot be met by standard dry-room designs. For this purpose processes which require super-dry conditions (dew points below -76°C) a local dry room is integrated into the existing dry room. In combination with MBRAUN's CDA series gas purifier unmatched dew-point levels at minimum investment and operating costs can be achieved.


Category three is focused on the most demanding applications in which not only moisture, but also particles become a critical issue for a stable and reproducible product quality. The unique combination of moisture levels below 1 ppm (dew point of -76°C) and a cleanroom class of ISO2 (according to ISO14644-1 and ISO14644-2) is currently unmatched and cannot be found in standardized cleanroom or dryroom designs. Next to its unsurpassed technical advantages the LLDR (Local Laminarflow Dry Room) offers significantly reduced investment and operating costs compared to other established designs.


Incorporating the Local Dry Room enclosure from MBRAUN provides not only a more effective but even more efficient solution for applications which require ultra-low moisture levels and the absence of airborne particles.

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