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MB EcoVap

The MB-EcoVap tool is a high quality economic research solution when the available laboratory space is restricted. Even though compact in design all essential features for high-quality functional coatings are incorporated in its standard configuration, making it the perfect entry model for many research groups who have decided to take the first steps in exploring vacuum coating technology.


Choosing from a comprehensive set of optional upgrades the MB-EcoVap system can be equipped to meet even more advanced requirements from experienced users. Built according to MBRAUN's high quality standards the bell jar setup distinguishes itself from other compact solutions with an automatic, electro-pneumatic chamber lifting mechanism.


The unique setup combines perfect accessibility of the sources with a space-saving design. In integral design of the MB-EcoVap is the embedded shielding that help prevent the chamber walls to become coated during the vacuum process, thus allowing an efficient cleaning of the interior chamber.


Originally designed to be integrated into an MBRAUN glovebox, the MB-EcoVap is available as a stand-alone unit as well, so that applications which do not require inert conditions can be served. All commonly available sources for RF and DC sputtering, thermal resistance evaporation, organic material coatings and E-Beam processes have been integrated and are successfully used from MBRAUN's growing global customer base.

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