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Slot Die Coating

MBRAUN and its preferred partner network combined their specific expertise in inertgas technology and slot die coating in order to develop a tool that addresses the process requirements in emerging markets such like Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), Organic Photovoltaic's (OPV) and Thin Film Batteries. Available in a range of sizes to coat current and next generation substrates the MBRAUN Slot Die Coater (MB-SDC) allows for efficient, highly-uniform, spin-less coating of a wide variety of organic materials.


Offering a robust platform and precisely machined components that create high material yields (>95%) along with minimal operating and maintenance costs. Many high-performance coaters like the MB SDC are applied in advanced research applications up to high volume manufacturing environments.


Smaller slot die coaters in this series are designed for substrates up to 200 x 200 mm whereas larger units are available for processing substrates up to gen 4.5 and beyond. Amongst a variety of optional features the patterning capability stands out from others. This technique provides the opportunity to deposit multiple, well defined coated areas on a single substrate. Almost any array of rectangular shapes can be coated on a single panel (within fluid property limitations) without the use of a mask.


Instead the setup utilizes precisely machined shims incorporated into the die head which omit certain parts not allowing the fluid to pass through. It is supported by an enhanced PLC system for liquid flow control, die positioning and substrate alignment. Profile of the leading and trailing edges of each patch are adjustable to suit a variety of coating liquid characteristics.

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