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Edge Bead Remover

The MBRAUN Edge Bead Remover (MB-EBR) is specifically designed to solve the common problem of removing the boundaries of fully coated substrates. Cleaning the edges from organic layers is the prerequisite for an optimized subsequent encapsulation of the organic device.


The removal process itself utilizes a high velocity solvent jet which is generated via the solvent jet nozzle. By directing the solvent jet towards the organic layer and moving the nozzle parallel to the substrate edge, a precise and accurate removal is achieved.


A custom exhaust system removes the organic debris immediately after it has been dissolved from the solvent jet, thus preventing any contamination of the remaining organic layer.


Special features include a self aligning and rotating substrate stage, a laser edge detection system, a fully PLC controlled process and the possibility to pre-define the width of the area to be removed. Different substrate sizes can be accommodated by replacing the substrate stage.

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