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Phenom Programming Interface (PPI)


The Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) is a must-have for any customer that wants to integrate their Phenom desktop SEM into a production process or for creating a customized solution.


Based on open standards, it is now possible to control any part of the Phenom desktop SEM. Stage, navigation camera, and SEM controls can be accessed using this Phenom Programmable Interface. PPI works via the network interface of the Phenom. PPI comes with a custom C++ library which makes integration with your own applications a breeze and which can be compiled on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.


Key Specifications

  • PPI works by connecting a pc or laptop to the network-outlet of the Phenom
  • Use standard programming languages as C#/.NET clients and Python and C++ for writing scripts and programs
  • The Phenom system setup accepts direct Linux based scripts, for other operating systems such as iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows a SOAP-solution

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