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Nova NanoSEM Scanning Electron Microscope


The Nova NanoSEM™ scanning electron microscope delivers best in class imaging and analytical performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument.


Specifically designed to streamline operations in your laboratory, the Nova NanoSEM enables owners the ability to gain the most comprehensive answers in the least amount of time. This propels productivity, without sacrificing on the quality imaging you demand from your daily work. 


With the Nova NanoSEM 50 series, even more becomes possible. In addition to the powerful combination of advanced optics (including a two-mode final lens), SE/BSE (Secondary Electrons/Backscattered Electrons) in-lens detection and beam deceleration, the Nova NanoSEM 50 series introduces a new suite of the latest generation, high sensitivity retractable SE/BSE and STEM detectors, as well as versatile SE/BSE filtering capabilities, to best optimize the information of interest. Intelligent scanning modes are available to minimize imaging artifacts.


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