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Ash Fusion Tester AFT



SDAF105b Ash Fusion Tester can be used to determine the ash fusibility (Four characteristic temperature) of coal and coke ash. It is widely used in power plants, coal industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, environment protection, cement industry, paper manufacturing, geological exploration and institutes.


Conformance with standards

  •  ISO540 (2004) Hard Coal and Coke – Determination of ash fusibility
  •  ASTM D1857 – 04 Standard Test Method for fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash
  •  GB/T219 - 2008 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal



Max. Sample Number: 9

Max. Temperature: 1600°C

Temperature Resolution: 1°C

Power Requirement: 220 (-15%~10%), 50/60Hz

Max. Power: 5kW

Test Atmosphere: Weak Reducing (gas flow) Oxidizing (air flow)


Auto-sample Introducing

  • Cone Samples are introduced into and carried out from the furnace automatically. Operator is free from sample loading under high temperature. 
  • Up to 9 samples can be tested automatically. Testing time is less than 3hours.

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