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Ceres single point thermogravimetric analyser

The Ceres single point thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) operates at a fixed temperature and has the advantage that samples can be loaded, analysed and unloaded without the need to wait for the furnace to heat up or cool down.
It is designed for thermogravimetric analysis applications where fast turnaround times of analytical results is required or where high volumes of samples need to be processed.
The Ceres single point TGA operates at temperatures up to 1000°C while the Ceres M single point TGA is designed specifically for very accurate temperature control at low temperatures (± 0.1°C) for applications such as moisture determination.
The Ceres M includes the ability to direct a flow of dry hot air or gas directly across the surface of each sample to accelerate the sample drying process. The Ceres M mimics the Parcher method used in applications such as iron ore.
Continuous loading
The Ceres single point TGA allows for the continuous loading of samples. This allows samples to be weighed externally and processed immediately providing analytical results in minutes. This is ideal for process control or other applications requiring rapid turnaround times.
Samples can be loaded onto the optional external side sample input position or can be placed on the next available position on an optional front input sample magazine.
The software allows various priorities to be set allowing high priority samples to be processed first regardless of their position on the magazine.
Sample magazines
Various sample magazines are available to accommodate batches of samples. Removable sample trays can be loaded with samples and input into the magazine. The number of samples that the magazine and tray can accommodate is dependent on the crucible size.
A typical magazine accommodates 38 crucibles, which can hold up to 5 g of sample material each. Adhoc or urgent samples can be registered and added to the tray inside the magazine during operation.
Once samples are processed the crucible and sample is cooled before the crucible is automatically cleaned and placed back onto its original position in the magazine or transferred to the optional crucible collection bin. (Automated crucible cleaning is an option and does require external dust extraction.)
Operating multiple Ceres TGA's and Ceres Link
The control software can operate more than one Ceres machines.
Parallel operation can be used if turnaround time is critical. For example, a sample can be weighed into two crucibles. One can be placed into one Ceres single point TGA to determine the moisture content while the second aliquot can be placed into the second Ceres single point TGA to measure LOI.
As both single point units are operating at the required temperature the analysis happens in parallel and results for both moisture and LOI can be available in minutes.
Ceres Link
Ceres Link allows you to link two or more Ceres single point TGA's together. The Ceres Link allows samples to be transported from one Ceres single point TGA operating at a fixed temperature to the next TGA operating at a different temperature automatically. Up to four TGA's can be linked together each operating at different temperatures.
Empty crucibles are weighed on the networked balance and this mass is captured by the ControlTrack software. Samples can be registered via a barcode scanner, or manually entered via a keyboard. When working with batches of samples, auto fill allows for rapid entry of samples with sequential numbers. Samples can also be pre-registered in batches, or the batch information obtained automatically from LIMS.
Samples are then manually added to the crucibles and their mass captured by the PC. Loaded crucibles are either placed one at a time in the side input position or placed into their designated location within the sample tray.
The tray of samples is then loaded into the machine for analysis. Users select a predefined analytical method from the intuitive software or easily create a new method on the fly for future use. Each method contains information such as, hold temperature and hold duration, gas introduction, etc.
Once a method has been chosen, the Ceres will automatically load the samples one at a time into the furnace. When their analysis time is complete, they are weighed internally in the furnace by a precision weighing cell.
Samples are then automatically removed from the furnace and are passed onto the next TGA via the Ceres Link or cooled, cleaned (if the cleaning option is fitted) and either discarded or placed back in the tray depending on the program selected.

Please note: Not available in Germany

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