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Auto TGA thermogravimetric analyser

The Auto thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) is specifically designed to be integrated into fully automated robotic systems or other automated solutions for thermogravimetric analysis. Typically, these systems are integrated into plant systems to provide fast results for process control (such as cement plants) or applications where high sample throughput is required.


The Auto TGA is built using an industrial PLC making it easy to integrate into plant and automated solutions. Robust furnace elements and three thermocouples are used in each unit to ensure precise temperature control.


A high quality premium precision load cell accurate to 0.1mg is employed for accurate mass determination.


Purge gases or dry air can be used to create specific atmospheres required for various methods used by some international standards.


Typically, the Auto TGA's are used at fixed temperatures and automation is used to transfer samples from one TGA to the next.


Two models are available, the standard Auto TGA can operate at temperatures up to 1000 °C while the Auto TGA M is specifically designed for lower temperature applications, such as moisture determination. The Auto TGA M purges dry preheated gas or air across the surface of each sample to accelerate the drying process and mimics the Parcher systems typically used in iron ore ISO standards.


Application example: XRF Fusion

Chemical analysis of ores, minerals and cement can be obtained by methods such as producing fused beads and analysing these on an XRF. A TGA is usually required to determine the moisture content of the sample (especially hygroscopic samples) in order to determine the true dry mass of the sample.


The TGA is also used to determine the loss or gain of ignition and these values are used to correct the analytical values.


The Auto TGA's are typically integrated with these fully automated fusion machines. A manipulator arm is used to transfer the samples from the moisture TGA (Auto TGA M) to the 1000°C Auto TGA H. This allows for rapid turnaround times of analytical results and is ideal for process control.


Some applications require LOI at various temperatures. An example is iron ore where LOI is determined at 425 °C, 650 °C and 1000 °C. The 425 °C determination is used to estimate the goethite content while the 650 °C is used to estimate the kaolinite content.


For these applications, four TGA's are integrated into the automated fusion machine with each TGA operating at a different temperature. A “spider arm” manipulator is used to transfer the samples from one TGA to the next. The automation usually includes automated sample weighing and automated crucible cleaning.


These machines can process more than 1000 samples per day.



Fixed temperatures means no overshoots or wasted time heating/cooling
Exact same weighing interval for each sample – unlike batch processes
Precision is higher than batch processes for this reason



Sample mass: < 5 g

Number of samples: Continuous operation

Number of carousels: 1 per TGA

Balance resolution: 0.1 mg

Temperature range: Ambient to 1000 °C (160 °C for Auto M)

Temperature control: Precision: 2% or ±2°C / stability: 2% or ±2°C

Gas flow rate: Adjustable from 1 to 10 l/min

Gas pressure: Air 5 – 6 bar (75 – 90 psi) / nitrogen 2 – 4 bar (30 – 60 psi) / oxygen 2 – 4 bar (30 – 60 psi)

Exhaust air: 4 cubic metres per hour

Power supply: 230 V (±10%) / one phase / 50/60 Hz / 15 A (TGA’s)

230 V (±10%) / one phase / 50/60 Hz / 2 A (PC, fan)

Element wattage: 3 kW

Weight: 65 kg

Dimensions: 650 x 650 x 650 mm

Interfaces: Ethernet

Accessories: Computer, monitor, printer

Please note: Not available in Germany


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