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Apollo L thermogravimetric analyser

The Apollo L is a variant of the standard Apollo thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) used for thermogravimetric analysis. It is identical in most aspects, except it features a second carousel which holds lids for the sample crucibles. These can be automatically placed and removed during the analytical process with no need for operator intervention.
It accommodates up to 20 samples of 5 grams each, and can heat them to 1000 °C in a user-defined atmosphere. Some applications such as ASTM methods for the determination of volatile matter or other very reactive sample types requires that the crucibles are covered with lids.
The double carousel allows the operator to setup predefined methods and select when in the cycle to lift the lids or when in the cycle lower the lids to seal the crucibles.
The software allows for weighing of the crucibles with or without the lids on. This level of flexibility allows the operator to setup analytical programs to suit most known TGA methods.
Examples include ASTM – methods for the measurement of moisture, ash and volatile matter. 
Simply select a method
Select a predefined analytical method from the intuitive software or easily create a new method. Each method contains information such as heating rate, hold temperatures and hold duration, gas introduction, and crucible lids on or off, cooling rates etc. New methods can easily be setup on the fly and can be saved for future use.
Once a method has been selected in the software, samples need to be registered and assigned to crucible positions.
Select or register a batch of samples
Samples can be registered via a barcode scanner, or manually entered via a keyboard. Auto fill allows for rapid entry of samples with sequential numbers. Samples can also be pre-registered in batches. Sample batches information can be obtained automatically from LIMS or the optional external weighing system.
Load samples
Empty crucibles are loaded into the carousel and the instrument automatically weighs each empty crucible. Samples can then be added into the crucibles in their assigned positions with the carousel remaining stationary or the carousel can turn to present the operator with a single point to load the sample into each crucible sequentially.
Using either method, once sample loading is completed the system will automatically weigh each crucible with sample to determine the starting mass. Alternatively, a carousel filled with samples that has been weighed externally can be placed into the analyser.
The optional external balance can be used to pre weigh samples. Pre weighing the samples while the previous batch is being processed allows for rapid carousel change out on completion of the batch and improves efficiency and throughput.

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