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Q8 Magellan Emission Spectrometer for Laboratory and on site Analysis

Engineered for ultimate spark spectrometry
The genes are right: Q8 MAGELLAN is a well reputed, true high-end spark spectrometer for elemental analysis! It has taken the lead in many applications, being the only vacuum-spectrometer featuring new-generation photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark and time resolution, and a heavy duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow.


All ingredients to define the perfect metals analyzer. The Q8 MAGELLAN is the continuation of this family line and marks a (r)evolutionary milestone in optical emission spectroscopy.


Next step to perfection
Q8 MAGELLAN now offers - besides well-established technologies - additional innovations and benefits:

  • improved optical properties
  • enhanced analytical capabilities
  • extended maintenance intervals
  • one-button operation for quick and easy handling
  • new instrument design
  • simplified servicing


The Q8 MAGELLAN is the perfect symbiosis of accepted and new, tradition and innovation. With Q8 MAGELLAN you can perform an analysis without touching the mouse or keyboard – but, maybe, the screen instead! Once you find out about the possibilities offered, and how simple it is to use, you will never want to use any other analyzer!


Next Generation: ELEMENTAL.SUITE 
The analysis desktop of ELEMENTAL.SUITE not only gives you the results, average, and statistics but also color-coded information about the compliance of your sample with a given grade specification. The grade library offers internal/external limits, a match code, reference to international norms, and a version control.

The calibration software provides secure access to all calibration information. The same program is used during factory calibration and provides a full list of features from regression wizard to automatic calculation of inter-element effects. For post-analytical data treatment, the SQL database application provides everything you need: from archive to statistics, filters, views, reporting, Office export, Audit Trail and much more.



  • Your investment in Q8 MAGELLAN will quickly pay back:
  • Low detection limits due to PMT+TRS+digital source
  • Innovative analytical techniques
  • Simple, yet comprehensive software package including spectrometer software, calibration, and SQL database
  • Long service and maintenance intervals due to AutoCleaning
  • Low operation costs due to Argon Stop
  • excellent long-term stability
  • Innovative service concept with online support and preventive maintenance
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)


The best of the best
PhotoMultiplier Tubes (PMT) are the detectors of choice for demanding metal analyses. The latest generation PMTs are not only much smaller, but they also outperform previous generations: Higher dynamic range, higher sensitivity, and extremely low dark current are the PMTs key features.


At the same time, the PMT requires less space in the optical system. This improves optimum line selection without compromise. Good to know that PMTs are also world famous for their longevity, designed for decades of high performance. The detector, of course, is only one component in an optical system. In order to benefit most from the PMT, we have optimised our vacuum optic. 


A new mounting concept makes optical assembly fast and allows for simple line additions. The new, small PMTs combined with an extended Rowland segment keep together the best wavelength coverage in this instrument category. Q8 MAGELLAN is the ultimate optical emission spectrometer with 100% PMTs, a no-compromise system even in multi-matrix and multi-channel configurations.


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