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S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Analyser

The S1 TITAN is one of the lightest tube-based handheld XRF analysers in the market today. Fast analysis, speed and exceptional accuracy are the key attributes that help define the S1 TITAN.

  • Extremely lightweight: 1.5kg / 3.3 lbs., including battery
  • Available with Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) or SiPIN Detector
  • Measures light elements Mg, Al, Si, P, S (Models 600 and 800) 
  • SharpBeam optimized tube geometry for more precise analysis 
  • Provide Grade ID and complete chemistry 50 kV X-ray tube
  • Minimizes costly detector punctures
  • Increases equipment up-time
  • No need to change window or calibration when measuring light elements
  • No sacrifice to analytical performance, even when measuring light elements such as Mg, Al or Si


Other innovative features include an integrated touch-screen colour display, 50 kV X-ray tube, SMART Grade timing, patented Detector Shield, SharpBeam optimized X-ray geometry, Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), and an extremely tough housing that is sealed against humid and dusty environments. 


The S1 TITAN’s patented SharpBeamTM technology optimizes the detector and tube geometry. The optimized geometry has many desirable effects, including:

  • Reduces power requirements
  • Reduces weight
  • Improves measurement precision
  • Improved detection limits
  • Increases battery life


A selection of instrument configurations allow you to choose a model that best fits your application, and coupled with increased speed and accuracy, you'll find our versatile XRF devices are an indispensible tool for applications such as positive material identification (PMI) of metal alloys, scrap metal sorting, precious Metal Analysis and RoHS compliance  to name a few.


Additionally the analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, is also possible.


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