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The market demands

Metals, minerals, and inorganic compound markets demand high-quality products. But all solid materials are influenced in their reactivity and mechanical properties by certain specific chemical elements, either positively or negatively. Therefore there is a need for continuous and rapid monitoring of specific elements, from raw material to finished products. 


User specifications, standards and product liability all demand the highest level of product monitoring, including ppm levels in: 

  • Metal production and processing 
  • Automotive industry 
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Coal processing and oil refinement
  • Semiconductor
  • and many other industries.

Besides production control, research and development of new materials is of particular significance. 


Bruker Elemental analyzers throughout the world optimize control and assurance of precision manufacturing through highly accurate measurements, short analysis times, highly reliable operation and user friendliness. The analyzer with integral processor and external PC for control and evaluation, as well as the peripheral equipment (e.g. balance, printer, extension modules), can be set up individually.


Important features

  • Fast and accurate analysis, automatic operation
  • Precise gas calibration
  • Dual IR detector for Oxygen, thermal conductivity cell for Nitrogen and Hydrogen with high resolution and reproducibility
  • Melt extraction and optional hot extraction with one analyzer
  • Adjustable analysis time for hot extraction
  • User defined temperature regulation up to 2500 °C
  • Optical temperature measurement and control
  • Automatic zero adjustment of all detectors/Automatic Level Control (ALC)
  • Automatic optimum range selection for data evaluation
  • Automatic furnace cleaning and crucible removal (option)
  • Operation and analysis via PC
  • Storage of sample information
  • Data storage for follow-up assessment of all analyses
  • Transfer via FTP or local network connection
  • Software-controlled switchover between ON and H analysis


Analysis Software

The analysis software of the G8 GALILEO is structured clearly and simply. All tasks to be performed by software are clearly divided into four different screens. In order to have the most important information available in one view, we separate all necessary information into four major screens. 


Three of those four screens: Analysis screen, Program Settings and Statistics screen are shown at the right side of this page. Changing views or entering information can be done by mouse or keyboard. Shortcuts support the mouse-less use of the software. 


The software supports various brands of balances. Sample weight can be entered manually or transferred directly from the balance to the ONH analyzer via serial interface. An optional autoloader for either 20 or 40 samples is available for automated operation



See how your investment in G8 GALILEO will quickly pay back:

  • No blank values of additives
  • Less contamination of dust in the furnace
  • Simple to use, due to comprehensive software package, including program settings, statistics and calibration
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Reproducible analysis conditions
  • Cost-saving maintenance
  • Easy upgrade to automation
  • Substantial time saving
  • Different configuration settings for various applications, storable and accessible

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