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G4 ICARUS Series 2

Outstanding Performance, Industry-proven Usability, Cutting-Edge Combustion Analyzer for C, S

The G4 ICARUS Series 2 is a true definition of Innovation with Integrity.

The elemental content of carbon and sulfur within a material has a great impact on its physical properties. While the quality control of industrial processes places high demands on analytical speed, stability and uptime, ease-of-use and maintenance. Combustion analysis with the G4 ICARUS Series 2 meets and exceeds all these demanding requirements.


The solid sample, placed in a ceramic crucible together with accelerator material, is heated directly using a sealed high frequency (HF) induction furnace. The molten sample is combusted in a flow of pure oxygen. The pressurized oxygen flow in combination with Bruker's unique Zone Protect™ ensures a complete, clean combustion without undesirable side effects. Its entire flow path consists of chemically inert polymer tubing to avoid “hang-up” or “carry-over” effects and corrosion.


The ceramic crucible containing the sample and accelerator is positioned close below a gas extraction nozzle. The oxygen gas – needed for the combustion process – is supplied from the outside and flows through the annular flow gap formed between the crucible and extraction nozzle. This creates a vortex that ensures an optimal, surplus supply of oxygen to the molten sample. Liberated combustion gases and dust particles are instantly purged through the extraction nozzle, while its collar shields the quartz tube from splatters of the liquid sample. After the analysis, during the cleaning, the crucible acts as a waste bin.  


Features and Benefits: 

  • More efficient, faster combustion on a wider variety of samples
  • Superior gas flow: Instant removal of combustion gases without further dilution for fast and clean analysis
  • Eliminating splatters and minimizing dust, thus maximizing productivity, component lifetime and analytical quality
  • Eliminating splatters and minimizing dust, thus maximizing productivity, component lifetime and analytical quality
  • Vacuum- and noise-free dust removal system integrated into the combustion zone

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