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Calorimeters Software


Calwin C 6040 - PC control and evaluation software for the IKA® calorimeters. The new IKA® calorimeter software Calwin C 6040 follows in the footsteps of our Calwin C 5040 with a vast array of modern solutions, ideas and possibilities for managing the measurements from our calorimeters. This software can be connected with the C 5000 (firmware 2.22), C 2000 (firmware 2.22), C 200 as well as the new calorimeters C 6000 global standards, C 6000 isoperibol and C 1.



  • Control, monitor and view working procedures
  • Print and save measurement protocols
  • Identify and record samples
  • Administration of sample racks
  • Flexible administration and evaluation of calibrations
  • Flexible administration and grouping of measurements
  • Printing and saving calibration and result protocols suitable for certification
  • Library functions
  • Data transmission via RS232 interface to Microsoft
  • ® EXCEL and Microsoft® Access applications



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